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AlizéLaVie Academy Coming Soon

The AlizéLaVie Academy immerses you into entrepreneurial training with complete classes of theoretical and practical lessons to develop and teach current and future entrepreneurs essential tools of starting and owning a business. 

       With trainers’ intervention specialized in that subject matter from direct mentorship, coaching opportunities, pitch practice and appropriate content, AlizéLaVie Academy highlights training programs at all stages, from guiding startups through their first years of operation, to supporting established businesses looking forward to growing in their chosen industries.  

 AlizéLaVie Academy leverages its expertise to assist and train communities from all cultural walks of life.

AlizéLaVie Academy programs will train, motivate and inspire individuals to create their own businesses or improve the ones they already have.

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What You Will Find ?


At the AlizéLaVie Academy, we offer coaching sessions that will help you overcome some of the difficult situations and obstacles you face during your entrepreneurial journey.

The coaching sessions aim to : 

boost and motivate you 

stimulate your creativity

find solutions to your problems.

You will have a choice between group or individual sessions of 1 hour.

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If you are an entrepreneur or a project owner, you will have the opportunity to join our mentoring program.

We will find you a mentor with significant experience in your field. He or she will follow you over a period of time to help you make the best decisions for your business, but also to help you develop the skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurial training sessions will be soon available about topics such as branding, marketing, taxation and business strategy.

For each session, our experts  will share their knowledge with you.

These training sessions will be held in our New York office, but also digitally via a private online access.

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