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What New In 2022-2023


Be exported across borders and gives a plural identity to the ordinary media landscape by establishing itself as a groundbreaking intercultural cross media

AlizéLaVie Media’s mission is to stimulate creativity, inspire change, and support innovation. It is dedicated to promoting talents from all over the world and all fields related to art, culture, and entrepreneurship by sharing their highly inspirational creations and life-stories.

We offer a wide range of content reflecting the world diversity in which we live. Thanks to different mediums from magazines, blog articles, TV shows to podcasts, you will be fully immersed into different cultures. The purpose is to promote a true dialogue based on understanding and respect for each culture’s uniqueness.

Our media features digital and print magazines with exclusive content. A diversity of expressive and deep human content. that lies in a strong intercultural spirit allowing you to benefit from global inspiration In order to reach a larger audience for more visibilty, AlizéLaVie Media is multilingual, published in English, French and soon in Spanish.


New formats available for 2023

Soon you will discover 2 new formats in addition to the magazine.

Indeed in 2023 you will have choice between the digital and print version magazine, the talk show broadcasted via Trotters TV USA channel, as well as a podcast available on all download listening platforms.

Media's Categories

AlizéLaVie offers you to dive into the following themes. Thanks to the magazine, talk show and podcast, you will have this opportunity to discover articles and shows about travel, fashion and beauty, art and culture, business and many more…

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