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A New Talk Show Is Coming

AlizéLaVie Media Partners With Trotters TV To Create A New Weekly Talk Show

AlizéLaVie Talk Show

AlizéLaVie joins forces with Trotters TV to launch Trotters TV USA, a new TV channel broadcasted  on both cable TV and internet  A fresh and innovative concept fitting perfectly with AlizéLaVie Media’s growth in sight.

Together, they have merged their skills and media expertise into this joint venture. Already direct broadcast via Canal+ Caraïbes in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, St Martin, St Barthelemy, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Trinidad Tobago, Suriname and Venezuela, Trotters TV is now entering the American market, offering greater visibility, richer, multicultural and diversified content for all tastes on a bilingual TV platform.


Watch your weekly talk show AlizéLaVie, once a week from 6pm to 8pm. The complete program offers an overview of AlizéLaVie’s universe: from entertainment to fashion, health, travel, gastronomy, beauty and business. You will be immersed into different around the world without leaving your couch. On the program: every half hour, you will find reports launches, captivating interviews with creative and inspiring leading figures, journalists’ chronicles  (depending on the guest and topic of the day).


A wide range of cultural and artistic programs will be offered.

Be Informed For The 1st Brodcast Of The Talk Show

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